Tiara Style for the Princess in All of Us

From Kate Middleton and Beyoncé to Sarah Jessica Parker and Courtney Love, the tiara makes a statement no matter whose crown it dons.

[image id='162d01ce-4ec1-41a1-a814-813c34675c21' mediaId='686920b0-1fa6-445e-9183-99aed06548c0' loc='C'][/image]

[image id='162d01ce-4ec1-41a1-a814-813c34675c21' mediaId='bedc9804-be51-427d-ae77-aa6920c99dbd' loc='C'][/image]

1. Premium Neon Flower Tiara Headband, $85; topshop.com.

2. Cara Vintage Tiara Headband, $160; nordstrom.com.

3. Crystal Tiara Hair Bun, $20; topshop.com.

4. Glynneth B Jewelry Swarovski Hair Comb, $615; farfetch.com.

5. Jenny Packham Jewel Tiara, $456; shopbop.com.

6. ASOS Panther Tiara Headband, $45.37; asos.com.

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