Timeless Classics

With all the trends to choose from every season, what are the timeless, classic pieces I can invest in that will always be in style?

Some influential women in recent history made their mark on fashion by creating wardrobe classics. The following pieces are essential for anyone's closet and will also always remain synonymous with the images of the women who defined them.

The sheath dress

Made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Flatters any body type

Best color choices: black, navy or gray

How to wear it: Throw a little cardigan over your shoulders

Can be worn from day into evening by simply changing accessories

Add a strand of pearls, step into a Sabrina-heeled shoe and grab a bag to match

Wide-leg trousers

Katharine Hepburn enabled women to finally wear men's styled pants

Perfect disguise for women with thicker thighs or wider hips

Best color choices: black, navy or gray

How to wear it masculine-style: With a crisp white shirt under a looser cardigan, an elegant belt with minimal silver buckle and a pair of monk strap loafers

How to wear it feminine-style: With a sexy wool tank top and its matching cardigan tied around the shoulders, a high-heeled sandal worn so only the heel and toe show and a thin metal belt

The black turtleneck sweater

Audrey Hepburn turned a simple black turtleneck into a chic staple in the movie Sabrina

Whether you have a big or small chest, a turtleneck is flattering

Try to find one that stretches to fit your body but will not lose its shape. Hint: The better the fabric, the easier this is.

It's the perfect layering piece since it can be worn alone and will go great with just about anything

The blazer

Candice Bergen introduced the stylish corporate woman while playing Murphy Brown on TV.

If you have wide shoulders, stay away from shoulder pads, but otherwise everyone can wear a blazer. The more basic the fabric and color, the more use you will get out of it

Single-breasted is more versatile and will work with most of your wardrobe.

How to wear it casual-style:

Over a white T-shirt and jeans, with sandals or sneakers and a sporty little bag.

How to wear it business-style: Over a blouse and pencil skirt or pants and with pumps.

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