5 Key Pieces for Seasonless Dressing

Here is a list of seasonless investments that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Call it the climate crisis. Call it desperate economic times. Call it your secret desire to live in sunny California from overexposure to The Hills. Call it winter coats landing in stores in July and bikinis hitting the floor in November. Any way you look at it, the savvy shopper needs her wardrobe to multitask.

1. The Trench

Always a staple, always in style, a trench can be worn over a sheer chiffon summer dress or over jeans and boots. It can be worn with a knit scarf and hat in the winter and with the sleeves pushed up and open in the spring. One of my best investments of all time was a black trench with a removable fleece lining. If you aren't as lucky, layer your standby with a same length wool or cashmere cardigan during cold months. Change the belt. Pop the collar. Pin some brooches to it. Make it multitask. A good trench is a seasonless and wise investment.

2.The Ankle Booty

Strange but true: This spring saw tons of black booties paired with flirty summer dresses and even shorts. Pair with tights and a minidress for fall. Take off tights and repeat for spring. Year-long chic.

3. The Skinny Jean

Whether with flats, sandals, heels, or platforms, a skinny jean is a girl's best friend. Wear under boots during cold months. Notice how nicely they don't ride up out of the boots. Notice no bulk around the knee. Gone are the days of having to fold and roll your jeans into your boots. Pick a pair with tons of stretch; wear and repeat.

4. The Blazer

A lightweight wool blazer can take you to the office paired with a pencil skirt, to the movies paired with jeans, and to the park when paired over a chiffon dress — year-round. Indoor/outdoor component a plus.

4 1/2. Tights

Want to wear your spring dresses in the dead of winter? Pair with knit grey tights. Want to wear your black mini to a party in December? Pull on black tights. Designers even showed colored tights down runways this fall - Infinite possibilities! Tip: stick with darker shades like navy, burgundy and purple. White tights are only for the very very young and the very very daring.

4 3/4. The Statement Necklace

All-weather. Enough said.

5. The Cashmere Scarf

The easiest way to warm up? A cashmere scarf. One of my favorite pieces that I live in year-round is a cashmere knit shawl. It is long and full. I wind it around over a T-shirt and jeans and wrap it around me under a coat through the brutal cold. Cashmere is one of those superluxe and warm fabrics that isn't stifling like wool or synthetic blends. Splurge on one in a basic or statement-making color and you will wear it all 12 months of the year. Added bonus: If you travel to different climates/coasts for work, this baby can act as a blanket en route on the plane, and is compact and easily packed in carry-on. It's a win-win.

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