Walk In Heels Like A Supermodel

Now that's hot

Step 1: Start with a thin two-inch heel, and work your way up.

Step 2: Do a few test runs on a smooth floor — carpet will grip your heel. If you're worried about sliding, stick a little duct tape on the bottom of your shoe.

Step 3: Place your heel first, then transfer your weight to the ball of your foot. Toes face forward. You want a clean look, with a normal stride — no baby steps.

Step 4: Move your arms evenly forward and back. Bend your elbows slightly; keep your posture relaxed but erect.

Step 5: Practice straightening your leg as you shift your weight onto your foot. This exaggerates your hip for a sexy walk.

Step 6: Don't wear brand-new heels for a big event unless you've got a great sense of balance. Break them in first.

Mackenzie Brown