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Our global fashion editor says "Ja!" to Fashion Week in Stockholm.

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Our global fashion editor says "Ja!" to Fashion Week in Stockholm.
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The Girl with the Great Style

From The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo taking over our movie screens and Kindles, to Ikea taking over our homes, to H&M taking over our closets, the Swedes are having a moment. So when I was offered a front-row seat to Swedish cool at their most recent Fashion Week, I jumped at the opportunity.

Swedish fashion is all about simple, functional design. Even better, it's affordable. Historically, fashion was made for the masses: "Your own taste, at the government price" was a state campaign in the 1930s. Today, it still holds true — but the latest crop of designers are combining their value-driven tradition with international style. The result: effortlessly modern clothes you'll want to wear every day.

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Cool and edgy, the line is designed by three sisters: Jennifer, Pernilla, and Sofie Elvestedt. Plus, their shoes are amazing. (Lady Gaga is a fan!) Lucky for us, their website ships to the U.S. (minimarket.se)
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See By Us

Glasses you will want to wear all the time! The cases have fun literary quotes from The Great Gatsby and beyond. (seebyus.com)

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v ave shoe repair
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V Ave Shoe Repair
Husband and wife Lee Cotter and Astrid Olsson (keeping it in the family again) create beautiful, Junya Watanabe — esque clothes. (vave-shoerepair.com)
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H&M's new line has a Céline-meets — Stella McCartney vibe. It's approximately double the price of the usual H&M fare, but the clothes are modern, architectural, good quality — and have a cult following of fashion editors and fashionistas around the world. I stocked up because it's available only in Europe, for now ... (To see the collection, go to cosstores.com.)

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house of dagmar
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House of Dagmar
A favorite of Noomi Rapace, the actress who starred in the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it's another sister act — Kristina Tjäder, Karin Söderlind, and Sofia Wallenstam — who have named their casually elegant brand after their grandmother. (houseofdagmar.se)
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Acne Archive Shop

A local fashion editor tipped me off to the under-the-radar outlet store of the globally recognized Swedish brand. Let's just say I helped the Swedish economy that morning. I bought an amazing motorcycle jacket, which I wore out of the shop, and instantly felt the Swedish cool factor kick in! (Go to shop.acnestudios.com/stores for info.)

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tove stryke
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Tove Stryke
Sweden's latest pop phenom-she's part Robin, part Katy Perry. Download "Call My Name.
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