Feline Fashion for the Cat Lovers in All of Us

The perfect fall fashion piece, courtesy of your favorite pet.

Getty/Courtesy of Zara
The fall fashion piece, courtesy of your favorite feline pet.
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Getty/Courtesy of Zara
Asian Semi-Long Hair Cat

If we didn't know any better, we would guess that Zara pulled inspiration from an Asian semi-long haired cat's sumptuous coat for its divinely trimmed hood.

Zara Duffle Coat with Fur Hood, $269.00; zara.com

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Getty/Courtesy of 7 For All Mankind
Bengal Cat

Some say flocked cheetah, we say flocked Bengal. This cat's exotic patterned hide has quite the similar look when it comes to 7 For All Mankind's velvety and chiffon textured top.

7 For All Mankind Flocked Cheetah Top in Wine, $165; 7forallmankind.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
British Blue Cat

As soft and luxurious as a British Blue cat may be to cuddle on cold nights, wrapping ourselves in Theory's plush wool coat seems to be the next best thing.

Theory Elizabeth Wool-Blend Felt Coat, £620; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
Calico Cat

What is black, white, and tan all over? A precious calico cat of course, but DKNY rivals its furry counterpart with its bodycon, neoprene stunner. Both are perfection for fall nuzzling.

With amazing color-blocking DKNY Neoprene, Jersey and Woold-Blend Dress, $595; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
California Spangled Cat

We believe one of the greatest trends this season is taken from the California Spangled cat. While some say leopard, we think this spotted feline says otherwise.

Charles Philip Shanghai Oil Leopard-Print Satin Slippers, $160; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
Domestic Black and White Cat

The comparison is remarkable when you couple Derek Lam's modal-blend top with a domestic black and white cat. It seems their geometrical nature are two-of-a-kind.

Derek Lam Fine-Knit Modal-Blend Top, $590; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
Silver Tabby Scottish Fold Cat

A Scottish Fold cat's silvery and black markings pair perfectly with Thakoon Addition's tweed bomber jacket. They both exude heathered excellence.

Thakoon Addition Leather-Sleeved Tweet Bomber Jacket, $790; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
Maneki Neko

We all need a little luck in life and Markus Lupfer couldn't agree more. Plucking the Maneki Neko—Lucky Cat—directly from Japan and embroidering the charming talisman in sequins onto a noir wool sweater could bring us all some much needed good fortune.

Markus Lupfer Lucky Cat Sequined Merino Wool Sweater, $440; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Forward Forward
Egyptian Mau Cat

Isabel Marant's fresh take on black and white leopard print has us believing she may have been inspired by the feline's domestic relative, the Egyptian Mau cat.

Isabel Marant Maybe Leopard Charmeuse Dress, $925; forwardforward.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
Persian Cat

Who knew ombré could transition so flawlessly from a tangerine furry Persian cat to a woven twill mini dress?

Diane Von Furstenberg Carpreena Dégradé Woven Twill Mini Dress, $445; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
German Rex Cat

While the ochre-swirled German Rex cat is beyond adorable, its coat provides the perfect color story to mimic Chloe's suede, leather, and canvas wedge sneakers--an equally perfect companion.

Chloé Suede, Leather and Canvas Wedge Sneakers, $760; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Company
Siamese Cat

Alexander McQueen's distinctive prints have a tendency to be influenced by nature's greatest creatures. In this case, a Siamese cat's electric blue eyes exquisitely match the pop hue in McQ Alexander McQueen's printed stretch-jersey skirt.

McQ Alexander McQueen Printed Stretch-Jersey Skirt, $435; net-a-porter.com

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Getty/Courtesy of Net-A-Porter
Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats are known to be sleek and mysterious and we couldn't help but think Dagmar's paneled jersey dress evokes the same spirit.

Dagmar Juliette Paneled Stretch-Jersey Dress, $250; net-a-porter.com

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