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Exactly What You Should Splurge on at Every Age

Buy statement shoes at 21, a nice car at 30—and every other "reward" you'll want on your list.
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One privilege of adulthood: The freedom to abandon the bargain hunt from time to time and treat yourself to something with a loftier price tag. After all, if you learn one thing through the years, it's that you're worth it. Celebrate your big birthdays with these worthy splurges and you'll have another reason to look forward to blowing out those candles.
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Age 21: The Perfect Pumps
With your college years firmly behind you, step into the working world in a chic pair of pointed toe pumps. Classic Manolos worn with a pencil skirt and silk blouse is a style trifecta that'll impress even the curmudgeon-iest of bosses. Splurge On: Manolo Blahnik BB Pointed Toe Pump, $595, bergdorfgoodman.com
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Age 25: A Statement Bag
Quarter-life crisis on the horizon? Retail therapy to the rescue! Buy yourself that spendy tote you'll love for the next 50 years. Go for something classic that you can carry forever—and then pass on. Splurge On: Hermes Kelly Bag, $20,399, farfetch.com
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Age 30: A Luxury Car
You've learned how to dress in style, so isn't it time you arrive in style, too? Once you hit the big 3-0, you can consider a ride that's as statement making as you are—and will last. (Obviously.) Splurge On: 2015 Lexus RX, various locations
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Age 35: Your First Piece of Art
Prints in cheap frames were fine in your 20s, but in your 30s, one-of-a-kind pieces should rule your roost. If you're unsure where to start, click over to a digital art dealer like Artsicle to fill those blank walls. Splurge on: Through the Rain, Price Upon Request, artsicle.com
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Age 40: A Ring to Impress—Everyone
Costume jewelry's just great, but every woman should own a piece or two that's worthy of becoming a family heirloom. A striking statement ring makes every gesture exude your amazing taste. Splurge On: Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague Ring, $17,800, cartier.com
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Age 45: A Really Nice Watch
Because looking at your cellphone to check the time is just not as chic. Choose stainless steel or gold for a timepiece that'll always look current. Splurge On: David Yurman Classic 34MM Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Diamonds, $5,800, saksfifthavenue.com
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Age 50: That Beach House You Know You Deserve
You've put in tens of thousands of hours at the office—you've earned your right to put your feet up, preferably at a picturesque oceanfront casita all your own with a mojito in hand. Sunset years, indeed. Splurge On: A house from realtor.com
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