How to Get Sexy Spy Style

From sleek espionage chic to under-the-radar cool, which famous spy is your style icon?
angelina jolie in salt
From sleek espionage chic to under-the-radar cool, which famous spy is your style icon?
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Evelyn Salt
Spy Style: Renegade Hottie

Fictional CIA agent Salt is accused of being a KGB sleeper spy. She's forced to go rogue and pull some quick hair changes — blonde to brunette — while on the lam.

Most-Wanted Accessory: The Perfect Hair Color
actress eva green
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Vesper Lynd
Spy Style: No-Nonsense Ball Buster

Often outfitted in masculine business suits, Lynd was one of James Bond's most severe leading ladies, only occasionally softening her character with clingy evening gowns and splashes of bright makeup.

Most-Wanted Accessory: Bold Red Lips
fictional spy nancy drew
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Nancy Drew
Spy Style: Preppy Bookworm

This adorable supersleuth has juggled undercover crime solving and high school popularity without so much as a wrinkle on her oxford button-downs since 1930, making her one of the most popular snooping teens of all time. Plus, she predates Scooby-Do by four decades.

Most-Wanted Accessory: Classic Button-Downs and Cardigans
actress ursula andress
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Honey Ryder
Spy Style: Athletic Beach Bunny

Sure, she's the most recognizable Bond babe ever, but aside from being the ultimate sex symbol, remember that Honey (played by Ursula Andress) was also a jock, making her living as a deep-sea diver.

Most-Wanted Accessory:A Barely There Bikini
valerie plame
Mark Wilson/Getty Images
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Valerie Plame
Spy Style: Sexy Soccer Mom

Outed by journalist Robert Novak in 2003, Plame became one of the most famous CIA agents in the world — while she was still an operative. Before her cover was blown, all the real-life spy needed was a minivan with a couple of juice boxes scattered on the backseat to make her the ultimate MILF.

Most-Wanted Accessory:A Fitted Blazer
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Bridget von Hammersmark
Spy Style: Old-School Glam

Diane Kruger played the German actress-turned-American-spy in the 2009 film Inglourious Basterds. The fashionable agent was eventually found out and brought down by a pair of super-cute pumps.

Most-Wanted Accessory: A Ladylike Hat
julia child
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Julia Child
Spy Style: The Cheerful Homemaker

Before becoming a culinary icon and TV chef, Child shuffled secrets around for the U.S. Secret Intelligence division during WW II. She'd originally wanted to join the Women's Army Corps but at 6'2" was too tall to enlist.

Most=Wanted Accessory: An Elegant Apron
jennifer garner as sydney bristow
ABC /Sheryl Nields/Everett Collection
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Sydney Bristow
Spy Style: Incognito Chameleon

If there are enough hours in the day, Bristow can go from southern belle to clueless secretary to glamorous Eurotrash. During Alias's five-season run on TV, the CIA operative, played by Jennifer Garner, became the first lady of disguise.

Most-Wanted Accessory: A Comprehensive Makeup Kit
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Marlene Dietrich
Spy Style: Stage Siren

The fashion plate of her era, the actress’s public persona exuded strong sexual undertones. But behind the scenes, Dietrich, a U.S. citizen since 1939, worked on the Office of Strategic Services' Musac Project to demoralize enemy soldiers.

Must-Have Accessory: To-Die-For Legs
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Emma Peel
Spy Style: Mod Goddess

The late '60s TV character Emma Peel was a widowed millionaire turned super–spy portrayed by Diana Rigg. Peel, an expert fencer and master of martial arts, saved her male partner, John Steed, just as often as he saved her. Go, girl power!

Most-Wanted Accessory: A Tiny Cocktail Dress
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Josephine Baker
Spy Style: Exotic Temptress

In the 1930s, Baker transplanted to France, where she was revered as an entertainer and exotic dancer. She served as a muse for great creators like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, and Christian Dior while gathering intelligence for the French underground during WW II.

Most-Wanted Accessory: Smoky Eyes
jaclyn smith farrah fawcett and kate jackson as charlies angels
Michael Ochs Archives/Stringer
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Charlie's Angels
Spy Style: The Girl Next Door

Three hot chicks in sexy outfits kicking tail undercover. What more can be said about Charlie’s Angels? No other TV trio has yet to top them.

Most-Wanted Accessory: A Killer Do
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