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18 Power Women Share What's on Their Holiday Wish Lists

Time for some gift-giving inspiration.

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Stuck in a gift-giving rut? It's time to shake things up. Here 18 of the coolest women around—executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers—share their must-have items and what's on their list this year. *Writes everything down.*

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Lee Mayer

Co-founder and CEO, Havenly

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Lee Mayer's Gift Picks

Lunya, $250


What she’s giving: “A lovely and comfy Lunya robe for my mom. She deserves some beautiful and comfortable loungewear.”

What she wants: “In the mornings when I'm busy—which is often—it's tough to make it to the gym, so I want to bring those spin classes home with a Peloton.”

How she’ll treat herself: “A trip to the beach in Punta Mita.”

Her holiday hack: “Whenever I hear someone say they want something, I add it to a running list on my phone throughout the year. This helps avoid the last minute, ‘What did they say they liked, again?!’”

The gift that never fails: “I stock up on some of my favorite California reds—ones that aren't extremely well known or expensive, but really beautiful wines—and I typically bring that as a gift to holiday parties.”

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Maria Cornejo

Founder, Zero + Maria Cornejo

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Maria Cornejo's Gift Picks

What she’s giving: “If you know someone has a special connection to a certain cause, it’s a really touching gesture to donate to a charity in someone’s name as a gift. I’ll be making gifted donations to Every Mother Counts, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, and Refugee Point.”

Eastpak, $46


What she wants: “I need a new backpack to carry around all my sketches and computer when I walk or bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m eyeing an Eastpak style.”

Vira Vira, price available upon request


How she’ll treat herself: “I’ll be heading to Chile with my husband Mark to stay at the Vira Vira hotel in Pucón.”

Her holiday hack: “When I’m out super late multiple nights in a row, I’ll take an Iburofen at night—and drink a lot of coconut water the next morning to help with any lingering hangovers.”

The gift that never fails: "Bath salts and oils from Red Flower."

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Sofia Vergara

Actress and Co-founder, EBY

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Sofia Vergara's Gift Picks

EBY, $48


What she’s giving: “This year every woman I know is getting a subscription to EBY, my new seamless underwear subscription company. You get products all year long and 10% of the sales fund microfinance loans for women around the world to start their own businesses.”

What she wants: “The Tesla Solar Roof looks cool.”

How she’ll treat herself: “A beach holiday!”

Her holiday hack: “I shop early so I don't have to deal with the holiday crowds. I am usually done with most of the gifts long before Thanksgiving. I also buy as much online as I can. Any chance I have waiting around on set I spend looking at things online.”

The gift that never fails: “No matter how many handbags women have, they always love getting a new one.”

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Anjula Acharia

Partner, Trinity Ventures and Manager, Priyanka Chopra

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Anjula Acharia's Gift Picks

Cartier, $4,800


What she’s giving: “I received a gorgeous HoliChic necklace which says ‘peace’ in Sanskrit. I got a bunch of them custom made with my friends’ names in rose gold.”

What she wants: “I'm in this ‘I want to walk around the city in comfort’ phase so I've suddenly really gotten into sneakers. There are a few pairs by Nike and Adidas I really like right now.”

How she’ll treat herself: Cartier Love Bracelet.

The gift that never fails: “Anything from Thrive Causemetics.”

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Olivia Palermo

Founder, OliviaPalermo.com

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Olivia Palermo's Gift Picks

Vianel, $110


What she’s giving: “I truly can’t live without backup chargers and V. Backup packs by VIANEL are so chic.”

What she wants: “An Elie Saab fur coat!”

How she’ll treat herself: “I always buy myself a few Moncler pieces for the season.”

Her holiday hack: “Shop throughout the year. When you find something good, save it and there will be less to do when the holiday season is approaching. And, when in doubt, ask mom. Mom usually has the best tips.”

The gift that never fails: “An amazing Assouline book.”

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Lilian Rincon

Product Management Director, Google Assistant

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Louis Vuitton, $2,450


What she’s giving: “I’m an only child but married into a giant family. For the kids, I like to give gifts that I think will help drive their passion or strength in STEM. For babies and toddlers, I'm a huge fan of Legos. For older kids, I like giving STEM kits—this year I'm going to give a few STEM Box or Tinker Crate subscriptions."

What she wants: “A Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch is one of the few luxury smartwatches that fits my style, will help me track health and fitness and will notify me of my daily activities.”

How she’ll treat herself: “I’m giving myself the gift of time. Between work and family, it’s impossible to find downtime. I love a great spa and a few hours to decompress.”

Her holiday hack: “Start shopping for the next year’s holidays on December 26th. I’ve gotten into the habit of getting inspiration for gifts while at work or on family trips and use the shopping list on my Google Assistant.”

The gift that never fails: “A good bottle of wine.”

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Amanda Chantal Bacon

Founder and CEO, Moon Juice

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Amanda Chantal Bacon

Outdoor Voices, $85


Agnes Baddoo, $450


What she wants: “I wear Outdoor Voices’ Strata Silverstone Bodysuit to work with sweaters, to play with my son, and, if I’m lucky, to actually work out. And Agnes Baddoo’s SAC 1 bag is a must for travel.”

Amazon, $18


What she’s giving: “Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown ($22; drawdown. org). He makes a hopeful display of how we can reverse climate change.”

Ziip, $495


How she’ll treat herself: “I’ve had a facial with a microcurrent device, and my brows were lifted so dramatically that I felt like I had slept for days. I need the nanocurrent home version by Ziip.”

Her holiday hack: “I don’t let other people’s expectations overwhelm me. I do what feels fun, festive, and loving—and don’t have guilt about it.”

Etsy, $5


The gift that never fails: “Japanese tenugui dish towels.”

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Hannah Minghella

President, TriStar Pictures

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Hannah Minghella

Beautycounter, $48


What she’s giving: “I’m currently obsessed with Beautycounter’s Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion.”

Irene Neuwirth, $3,850


What she wants: “Any Irene Neuwirth jewelry. I love her feminine style and use of color to create unique pieces.”

How she’ll treat herself: “A girls’ trip with my best friends from college.”

Her holiday hack: “In a four-week period, our family celebrates both of our daughters’ birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas—so I start making lists and planning parties in August.”

Le Labo, $75


The gift that never fails: “Personalized candles from Le Labo that let you print the recipient’s name and a message on the label.”

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Deborah Marquardt

CMO, Diamond Producers Association

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Deborah Marquardt's Gift Picks

Oliver Valverde, $131


What she’s giving: “I discovered a range of fragrances by Spanish perfumer Oliver Valverde. His M.O.U.S.S.E perfume combines oak moss, lime, sandalwood, white musk, lavender, and clove—and the packaging has beautiful botanical illustrations.”

Todd Pownell, $2,120


Temple St. Clair, $5,400


What she wants: “Vintage Cartier cannot be beat. A Todd Pownell floating-diamond necklace and a Temple St. Clair gold-and-pavé serpent ring are some long-standing items on my secret wish list. And I’m dying for a yellow-gold, bezel-set, east-west set, emerald-cut diamond ring for my right hand. Erika Winters makes one, but it’s not set east-west, so the hunt is still on.”

How she’ll treat herself: “One-third of U.S. diamond-jewelry purchases are made by women, and self-purchase is the fastest-growing segment of the market. Earning power is up, women are marrying later, and fine jewelry has evolved past a place where it’s seen primarily as a gift. Plus, diamond jewelry is a meaningful and visual way to express a personal mile- stone, or an important moment or memory, and to reflect your self-confidence. Eight years ago, I bought a pair of diamond hoops with an unexpected bonus. I knew what I wanted, I waited until I found the perfect pair, and I still wear them almost every day. Honestly, there’s nothing like the feeling of putting on diamonds you’ve bought for yourself. You feel sort of invincible.”

Her holiday hack: “I highly recommend playing the movie Elf while wrapping presents and drinking wine. Does that count as a hack?”

Smythson, $75


The gift that never fails: “A Smythson notebook."

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Jasmin Larian

Founder and Creative Director, Cult Gaia

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Jasmin Larian

What she’s giving: “Jewelry from Rebecca Pinto for girlfriends, art from Tappan for family, and Winc gift cards for everyone from colleagues to friends. Who doesn’t love wine?!”

Rimowa, $550


Contax, $1,500


What she wants: “I’m always traveling for work and pleasure—it’s what fuels my inspiration. Rimowa luggage is equally as durable and industrial as it is chic. And a Contax T3 35mm film camera is great to shoot personal photos.”

How she’ll treat herself: “A vacation to Majorca, Spain.”

Her holiday hack: “Buy throughout the year. If you’re with a loved one who mentions something they like or want, buy it then. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you know they’ll love it!”

Compartés, $10


The gift that never fails: “Compartés chocolates are like the modern Willy Wonka. The pack- aging is so beautiful, and the flavors are even more delicious.”

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Kate Solomon

Creator, Founder, and CEO, Babo Botanicals

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Kate Solomon's Gift Picks

What she’s giving: “Crystals can be so personal for mood, calming, good energy, and just their natural beauty. I buy them at Spellbound Sky in Silver Lake, California.”

Sara Silvio, $190


What she wants: “I love layering Sara Silvio’s Noir necklaces.”

Coyuchi, $88


Mahabis, $110


How she’ll treat herself: “I always buy new sheets and slippers. I love Coyuchi organic linens and Mahabis slippers.”

Her holiday hack: “I keep a gift closet all year long. If I see something I like—very personal to a friend, colleague, or family member—it goes in.”

The gift that never fails: “My dad and I keep bees and harvest honey. It’s a great conversation starter!”

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Laura Alber

CEO, Williams Sonoma

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Laura Alber

Bandolier, $88


What she's giving: “I recently got the Bandolier phone case, and it hasn’t left my side since—literally.”

What she wants: “Uninterrupted time with my family. My oldest daughter is away at college, so we make time during her break for casual nights at home baking cookies, wrapping gifts, or watching our favorite holiday movies.”

Her holiday hack: “Capture inspiration throughout the year. Any time I come across an interesting new product, I write it down or take a photo.”

High Camp Supply, $129


The gift that never fails: “High Camp Supply ships the most beautiful and fragrant gardenias from its farm in California.”

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Mariam Naficy

Founder and CEO, Minted

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What she’s giving:Paul Lowe’s ceramics. Every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind.”

Mark and Graham, $225


What she wants: “I’m often carrying fabric and paper samples back and forth from work, and I would love to carry them in a Brooklyn Tote from Mark and Graham, personalized with a monogram.”

Marni, $1,700


How she’ll treat herself: “This season, I’m feeling yellow as a big trend. I would love to have a Marni yellow pochette.”

Her holiday hack: “I use Evernote on my phone and laptop to make present lists all year round.”

Cire Trudon, $95


The gift that never fails: “The Abdel Kader candle by Cire Trudon, a wonderful mint scent that transports you to another place and time.”

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Melanie Whelan

CEO, SoulCycle

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Melanie Whelan's Gift Picks

STEM Club, $20 per month


What she’s giving: “Size doesn’t matter; personalization does. It totally ranges from the STEM Club Toy
Subscription on Amazon (18) to 10 blowouts or workouts.”

Apple, $249


What she wants: “Being able to check my text and e-mail messages by looking at an Apple Watch on my wrist sounds incredibly efficient.”

The Ranch Malibu, price available upon request


How she’ll treat herself: “I’d love a week at The Ranch Malibu with my husband.”

Her holiday hack: “I start with a written list of everyone I want to buy gifts for and then work through the list online.”

The gift that never fails: “Every October, I start making an iPhoto book for the family. It usually ends up being about 50 pages, and I order 20 copies for our entire family across the world.”

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Rachel Schechtman

Founder and CEO, STORY

Lighting, Light fixture, Lighting accessory, Lampshade, Lamp, Ceiling, Interior design, Sconce,
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Rachel Schechtman

Sugarfina, $9


Denik, $12


Clare V., $235


What she’s giving: “Sugarfina gummies, plus metallic-foil Denik journals and Clare V.’s mixed-metallic and black-striped clutch.”

What she wants: “A vacation!”

How she’ll treat herself: “Spa time at Viva Mayr in Altaussee, Austria.”

Her holiday hack: “Give New Year’s gifts instead of Christmas gifts. After January 1, things are quieter, so it is a nice time for people to receive something thoughtful.”

Lumio, $200


The gift that never fails: “Lumio’s foldable light. It’s a perfect combination of function, design, and surprise and delight.”

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