Got a Fashion Problem? Tim Gunn Will Help You Fix It

Submit your queries here and you could be in an upcoming issue of Marie Claire.

Man neatly dressed in a pinstripe suit and purple check shirt with purple tie
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Most women prefer shopping with a friend to going it alone. Why? Because inevitably, you reach that Moment Of Uncertainty. You know the one: Wait, is this dress appropriate for the wedding? Will this outfit send the right message on my job interview? Do these shoes say "hot girl next door" or do they actually give off a "trashy broad on a corner" vibe? Cue nervous dressing room sweats.

Fortunately, fashion expert Tim Gunn is all ears. So go ahead—submit your pressing style question below and it could be answered by Tim in an upcoming issue of Marie Claire. And don't be shy! He's heard it all.

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