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Most of us run bone cold when it comes to doing laundry. While the act of renewing and caring for the pieces we've collected (and gone broke over) can yield a sense of calm and satisfaction, a majority of people dread it like quarterly taxes. Insisting that the right products can make any chore a pleasure, Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting introduced The Laundress, their line of beautifully packaged specialty detergents and other laundry treatments. With four subtle and delicate fragrances (Baby, Lady, Classic and Cedar), these luxurious products wield an industrial-level strength over stains and yellowing, but don't destroy fabrics with petroleum or other artificial nastiness. The duo's eco-friendly recipes call upon renewable resources, plant extracts, enzymes and essential oils to do the dirty work only nature can do. Once you're hooked on the detergents, sample other products, like ironing water, Crease Release (so much better than turning on the shower to let your clothes steam out in the bathroom!) and baby fabric conditioner. Grab a box of must-have portable stain pacquettes, and for removing pills, the sweater stone sure does the trick better than a drugstore razor! Visit the website to explore the materials, concept and complete collection, and get laundering tips from the pros.

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