Why Is This Earring Styling Trick So Obvious But So Weirdly Genius?


Unlike the "But you didn't" retort associated with modern art, the cool thing about fashion is that even if you weren't there first, you can still take an idea and run with it. Thank goodness for sartorial plagiarism, then, because you'll want to copy this stupid-easy, stupid-chic styling trick ASAP.

At her most recent presentation, jewelry designer Gaia Repossi—you know, the one who makes the impossibly cool ear cuffs—showed something kind of astounding: double hoops.

I don't get how it's so good either! The Thing now is to have a parade of studs crawling up your helix, so maybe it's so new-feeling because it's spare and clean but inexplicably edgy, like everything else Repossi makes? But at the same time, who amongst us—until recently—would have dared to even wear a *lone* pair for fear of looking too...referential? 


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Closing thoughts: Play with sizes but maybe not metals so much (need a theme), and no, huggies (the miniature hoops that sit close to the ear) do not count. Also this: 

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Make of that what you will. 

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