Why Does Ostrich Cost So Much?

Don't put your head in the sand about ostrich. Here's why to invest in this hard-wearing luxury instead! (Hint: It lasts 30 years)

$6,500 Bottega Veneta; (877) 362-1715.

The South African ostrich skin is vegetable-dyed, and the trim is hand-painted Bolivian crocodile skin. No two bags are alike.

$3,500 Bally; (310) 271-3310.

They made only 100 of these bags, as it takes three months to treat and lacquer the skin and stitch by hand. Designed by Brian Atwood.

$420 Michael Kors; (212) 965-0401 for other colors.

Or you can cheat a little: Leather from Argentina is tanned for four weeks in Italy, then stamped to look like ostrich.

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