This Valentino Coat Took 1,200 Hours to Make


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This season, it's all about the petites mains. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld transplanted his ateliers' entire staffs to the Grand Palais, where they flanked the runway like it was just another day at the office. Now Valentino has joined in with a digital tribute to the artists who physically made the Shakespearean clothes, including one very labor-intensive patchwork coat (read: 1,200 hours) worn by Maartje Verhoef.

Compare to this dress with a ruff, which took about a third as long to make. (No less beautiful, though.)

*110 hours of hand-painting*

We're sure the Bard would really appreciate this.

Shock and awe, yes, but something else too: These efforts to recognize the people who bring the sketches to life show that couture still has value. And it's still very much alive.

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