Olivia Palermo Just Designed Her First Collection with Banana Republic, and We Have an Exclusive Behind-the-Sc

Set a calendar alert for THAT COAT.

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She might be known as the Marchioness of the High-Low Mix, but this fall, Olivia Palermo is fully submerging her Manolo-ed toe into the world of fashion design with her first co-branded collection for Banana Republic (opens in new tab).

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Fitting the theme of "twisted classics" and Tolstoyan romance, highlights from the 70-piece (!) range of clothes and accessories include "special weaves crafted in luxury Italian mills," a paisley tie-neck dress, an orange-red double-breasted military coat, and a snakeskin-detail trench, as seen in our exclusive behind-the-scenes image below. (We will not hesitate to fight you for it, should it come to that.)

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But to save yourself having to come to fisticuffs with any overzealous fashion editors who aren't above hair-pulling and/or biting, everything—from a $48 foulard to the aforementioned trench, at $998—will be available for sale at Banana Republic stores and online September 9, the same day it's shown as part of New York Fashion Week. "See now, buy now" doesn't get any better than this.

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Make an entry in your planner for September 9, and watch a teaser here.

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