The Fashionista's Guide To Walking the Red Carpet

Firstly I should dispel the myth there is no such thing as 'Red Carpet'. All you need is a set of instructions which enable you to navigate down that perilously straight crimson carpet (provided you are on the guest list.):

1. Makeup: Stick to what you know, this isn't the time to be experimenting, that's what the teen years were for. Play it safe, unless of course you have enough money to get it professionally done – then you can take a risk and ask them to go a bit more daring.

2. Outfit: This is always a tricky one. If you want the love of the photographers, then sexy and colorful is the way to go. However, if you want to just survive your stroll along the carpet then play it safe. Black is the hides all sins, it will save you. Some celebs dress to shock as it's the only way they will make it into the press.

3. Shoes: Remember if you don't take spares you are going to be in those 6 inch heals all day. If your pain threshold is up there go for it, if not travel the safe path of comfortable. Think you might be able to hide some sort of hideous slipper of a shoe under a long flowing dress – think again. Photographers will be screaming to see your diamond encrusted shoes - imagine their shock if they caught a peak of your flats.

4. Transportation: Remember those commandos Britney and Paris need; I say more?

5. Posing: Eye Contact for the photographers is extremely important. Instead of getting carried away with the frenzy of screams of 'Look this way, to the right to the left in the middle'. Take a zen moment blank them out and gracefully sweep your eyes slowly left to right making eye contact with the lenses. A couple of sweeps should be enough before moving on to the next spot. Keep your chin down slightly and head turned a fraction so you are not looking completely straight on. Remember, the carpet is not a social center - avoid full on conversations with guest friends.

6. Posture: There are many ways to pose, but remember the basics and you should be good. The photographers want the front of the dress for the fashion so a straight on pose is needed. Cross your legs and find a comfortable place for your arms – you can keep them down to your sides or placed on a hip a little pinch on that tummy always helps. Be aware of the back of your dress they may want an over the shoulder so make sure those labels and bra straps are hidden.

7. Accessories: Bags, jewelry and dates are prime targets for the photographers so wear them well. Make sure your date is dressed to make you shine. Jewelry should be refined and outfit matching. Wrist bands and tickets don't come into this category so lose them – you're a VIP anyway, right?

So there we have it provided we don't have any fashion malfunctions, broken heels, carpet meltdowns, then all should be good. All that remains is opening up the pages and looking to see if you made it on the best or worse dressed page.

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