Green Fashion for Less

Tara St. James

Green fashion for a fraction of the cost? I am so ready. If Tara St. James, the designer behind Square Project is really able to construct the series of clean-looking organic cotton blouses, dresses, and other hip separates (think, suits with cropped tops and teeny skirts) for what her folks are predicting—retailing at a few hundred bucks—then she'll have a long reign as a Green-design queen.

Formerly a creative director at Covet, the Brooklynite, is now a solo act—"on my own in the scary fashion world," as she recently wrote on

Everything St. James does is based on a single geometric shape— the square—hence the name of the collection. "Each style will be sewn, folded, shaped or manipulated differently," the designer stated before the show, "but none will be cut or compromised." A timeless concept, actually—the yogis of ancient India used a red square to signify the earth element, which is the very embodiment of solidity and inertia. (Check out St. James' blog, (opens in new tab))

While thinking about these heavy organic cottons, one question comes to mind: will the garments shape stay in tact after repeated washings?

While I wasn't fond of the harem pants, I was gaga for a Greek-influenced piece—a knee length grey dress with a loosely banded bottom. Who doesn't like to play urban goddess?