The Beautiful Life: Wrapping Up the Runway Shows

Wednesday September 16th at 1:00pm: Waiting for Lisa Butler—who's doing makeup for Nars for 3.1 Phillip Lim—to finish consulting with her assistant. They're ducking under a table. Fashion Week backstage areas are not known for their privacy. When she concludes her convo we talk about the mix of textures on the face. Gucci Westman also used matte and shiny textures at Rag & Bone to emphasize the planes of the face. Am beginning to see a trend of neutral shades coupled with soft face-shaping techniques that scream "effortless beauty." —Lizzie Dunlap

6:00pm: Waiting for the Anna Sui show to start. Target dress didn't arrive, but I spot the number I ordered on one of the interns who's helping with seating. It looks very short. Anna's influence this season was mod circus. Sounds like fun. Saw a lot of Liberty prints and metallic stripes on the racks. —Ning Chao

630pm: Half of fashion week has been held at Milk Studios. Surprisingly this is my first visit to the cool, downtown art gallery and studio space so far this week. When I get to the backstage area, I run into master-manicurist Jin Soon who's doing the nail look-a very pretty neutral from Sally Hansen called I Do. Proenza's designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, walk into the makeup prep area and everyone turns. As Hernandez passes, I'm shocked by his poreless skin. He and McCollough also have matching blue star tattoos behind their ears. Their visit's all business, though, and they're here to say that they're tweaking the makeup look. The brow is too heavy. The Mac team-headed by Diane Kendal-and all the models follow the designers out of the room to continue the discussion away from the press. In the end, the look stays the same but the once-hyper-arched brow is more natural. While talking to Didier Malige about the hair look—temporarily-dyed beachy waves in Kool-Aid-esque shades—he tells me my wavy, second-day hair is in keeping with this funky look. I feel so in sync but, when I see the first model with the finished look, I'm ready for this week to end. These styles are meant to be inspriational. You know it's time to stop when you already have the same style!—LD

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