Big Girl in a Skinny World at Fashion Week: Brian Reyes and Michael Kors

Hello Ladies,

Ashley here! I must say that this Fashion Week has been a whirlwind. Many of the shows have been amazing, and some have been surprisingly disappointing. That's the thing about fashion: To be great, you have to take risks—and it doesn't always pay off. (Not naming names!)

Wednesday was extremely hectic, filled with meetings, pulling samples for an upcoming project, and a show to close the day. I sat front and center at the Brian Reyes show, and I must say it was a pretty nice view. The collection was a mix of neutrals and jewel tones: reds, purples, and blues. Almost every look was paired with black knee-high (or thigh-high!) socks and an amazing pair of heels. My favorite thing about this collection is the graphic, modern patterns seen throughout.

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Watch below for more of the MC team's favorites from Fashion Week:

Many of you know how much I love Michael Kors' plus-size options, and the fact that most if not all of those items reflect the brand's straight-sized aesthetic. Although I didn't have the pleasure of attending the Michael Kors show yesterday, I checked out photos and his Fall 2010 collection is a plethora of neutrals (see a pattern yet?): shades of brown and camel, slate grays and blacks. Suiting, menswear, and knits ruled the runway and I can already imagine a few pieces being diffused into the plus size market. My favorite aspect of the show is the mixture of grays and beiges in one outfit. So chic and simple.

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I'm off to more shows tomorrow! Check back soon for a Fashion Week recap.



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