Surviving Fashion Week: Jessica Morgan & Heather Cocks of Go Fug Yourself

We asked our favorite fashion friends how they make it through NYFW.

Courtesy of Go Fug Yourself

New York Fashion Week is fast approaching (AH!!!), so we figured we would chat with some of our favorite fash friends to see how they survive the hectic week.

One of my favorite things about NYFW is that it's a great excuse to see some of my favorite out-of-towners, like Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks of the LA-based Go Fug Yourself. (They also cover shows for New York magazine.) Our schedules are hectic but I know I can always count on these two for some good company and lots of laughs in the middle of all the chaos. No one cracks me up like these two.

What's the one thing you can't live without during NYFW?

HC: I'm sad to say it, but technology. Last year, while covering Fashion's Night Out — after a day of also tweeting from shows — Jessica and I each had an iPhone and a BlackBerry, and by the time we were heading back to our hotel they were ALL dead. We were like, 'How is it possible that we have THIS many mobile phones and no juice?" I also need a giant purse and a notepad. Oh, and a MetroCard. I am all about conquering the subway as a budget alternative to cabs, especially on the occasional rainy day where there are no taxis to be found. Of course, that doesn't help much with the waterfront venues. One thing I CAN live without are those. Or rather my feet could.

JM: I agree with Heather that we're dead without cell service and internet, but I also need like seven or eight working pens and something to write on. We take all our notes longhand, mostly, so not having anything to write with would be deadly. I also, at some point, want to die if I don't have flats to wear - in September, this means flip flops in my purse that I can put on as soon as I have to actually WALK anywhere. Also: coffee. So much coffee.

Favorite Fashion Week snack?

HC: I never pass up a chance for a bagel, preferably from H&H if we can find one. And, this may not count as a snack, but every season we go to Blue Smoke for the blue cheese and bacon dip that they serve with homemade BBQ chips. In the Bryant Park days, we'd find a minute to hit the Campbell Apartment for a Bellini, but sadly not anymore.

JM: Wine. (Not really. It's actually always delicious carbohydrates. I also try to have a banana in my purse, because there will come a moment in a cab where if I can't have something to eat immediately, I will go on a killing spree, and bananas are delightfully portable.)

Go-to stress reliever?

HC: See the above, re: blue cheese and bacon dip. And a cold Diet Coke, or a glass of wine. It's always food, isn't it? Actually, I miss the old Bryant Park setting — during September's Fashion Week it was always the most relaxing place to just sit and read The Daily,and people-watch, and breathe for fifteen minutes. But on a sunny day the Lincoln Center fountain isn't such a bad swap. I wish I could say a stroll through the Met, but who has time?

JM: Also wine. No, I kid. Actually, no, I don't. The answer to this one IS "a nice glass of wine, and a real meal, eaten without worrying about my deadline," which basically hardly ever happens, but works like a charm when it does.

How do you treat yourself when it's all over?

HC: I can't! Fashion Week is my treat — it's the only nine days out of the year when I get up on my own terms and not on my twins' schedule. So when I get home, it's right back to Mom Duty. Although that, in itself, is a blessing and a treat, it is not exactly a way to decompress — not when you have to keep your kids from conking each other on the head and/or run around yelling, "Liam, the diaper pail is not a snack."

JM: This year, the Emmys are happening the Sunday right after Fashion Week, so I guess I am treating myself by continuing to work? In general, though, once Fashion Week is over, I usually take one weekend day where I do nothing: I sit in my house catching up on all the TV I missed, reading magazines, and doing a face mask in my jammies — because I basically get to a point where I just can't handle doing my hair and seeing other human beings, and I need to veg out.

How many hours of sleep a night do you get during Fashion Week?

HC: I'd say probably six, on average. We don't hit the parties, because we have to file a story about almost every single show we attend. We also have to keep up our blog, though, so once the day is over we pretty much hunker down with some takeout and write like the wind. I'm rarely in bed before 1:30, and what time I get up depends completely on my optimism about my hair. Which is generally low.

JM: Six, tops. Even on nights when I could get more — and I am one of those people who really needs eight hours a night, sadly. I wish I could live on four, like Martha Stewart — I tend to get distracted by reading The Daily and WWD and next thing you know, it's 2am.

What's your Fashion Week street style?

HC: I used to feel pressure to look cute, but now I go for comfort, because we're here to work and we do a lot of it. It's very hard to resist wearing a heel, though, which is often my downfall. In September I'm usually in jeans or a casual dress, and in February, it's almost exclusively jeans and sweaters and boots. Ultimately, nobody cares what I'm wearing except maybe me (and even then, some days, halfway through the week...), so I just rationalize my lack of imagination by telling myself I'm being a considerate servant to the celebs and the clothes — I mean, why look at ME when you could look at them, right? And isn't that the point? So when you see me looking like I just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever I touched first, you can call me an altruist. Right? ... Please?

JM: By this point, I don't really worry too much about it — I want to look cute, sure, but we also spend all day running around and so whatever I wear needs to be sort of practical, too. In February, it's all about a cute coat and a warm-but-cute hat, but in September, I mostly try to wear a cute day dress and shoes I can walk in (so, wedges this season). That being said, by like Tuesday, all bets are off and I WILL come out in jeans and sandals.

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