See the Latest from Ferragamo and Missoni's Furniture Collaboration

The most exquisite furniture pieces by famed fashion houses and interior designers can now dot the corners of your living room to liven up your porch for summer. Chiara Ferragamo, Angela Missoni, and the award winning interior designer Karim Rashid are metamorphosing recycled wine barrels into pieces of finely crafted homeware. Even better, the project is teaming up with a good cause: It supports the the "Barrique — The Third Life of Wood" initiative in which San Patrignano, Europe's largest drug rehabilitation center provides a second chance for struggling adults and a third use of fine timber.

The wine casks are organically transformed into just about anything, including swinging chairs, finely curved plank tables, and deconstructed wine cask stands. "The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the wooden staves of the casks was to 'engineer' the object itself, using it in its essence, not transforming it into something other than itself," says Missoni about her designs.

Take a view of the stunning wineware to homeware conversion, below. Breathing a second life into an everyday object has never looked so great, especially when it is benefiting such a good cause.

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