Hats: The Next Big Thing

There's no shortage of hot stuff this month...

Marie Claire
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

"I adore formal '30s fashion. My great-grandma Bertha always wore hats. This season I will, too"

- Zoe Glassner

So over baseball caps, I'm thrilled classic men's hats are back. I love Brooklyn milliners Victor Osborne and Zachary Barnett, who put a spin on old-world staples like fedoras.

Buy off the rack or get one custom-made (from $100, victorosborne.com). Osborne's modern hat-iquette:

1. Wear hats in-doors when you want to look attractive while keeping your distance - e.g., when meeting with your ex.

2. Match styles (angular caps don't go with floaty dresses).

$242, Victor Osborne Headwear at Big Drop; (212) 226-9292.