Tracy Reese to Debut Machine-Washable Looks for Fall '14

Are you sick of sending your clothes out for dry cleaning? Apparently even top fashion designers can feel the same way. "Sometimes when you're saving all your stuff up to go to the dry cleaners, you're missing out on wearing something for maybe three weeks while you're compiling this batch of stuff to take," designer Tracy Reese (who often dresses First Lady Michelle Obama!) told Marie Claire. As part of her new collaboration with Tide Pods and the CFDA Washable Fashion Initiative announced on Thursday, Reese will be sending two machine-washable looks down the runway this February. And what's more? The designer is asking the public for its help in choosing which looks make their way into her Fall collection (we've got our eye on the wine tweed sweater and jacquard skirt). "I wanted to pick options that I liked equally so that whichever way it goes, it's a win for me," Reese said. We happen to think it will be a win for everyone.

Get in on the action by going to and pinning your favorite looks. The top-and-pants and sweater-and-skirt look that is repinned the most will appear in Reese's Fall '14 Collection.

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