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10 Bags You Should Splurge on Because They're Just That Good

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AA would call this enabling, but I call it giving my friends another shove toward the precipice because they deserve to have purses that don't crumble right after the two-year mark. (I don't do gentle nudges, if you can't tell.) That's why these 10 standout bags come with my not-so-subliminal messaging, although you'll see they can do their own persuading just fine.

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Just describe it as a briefcase and write it off as a work expense. Kidding! (I'm professionally obligated to say that.)

Balenciaga leather shoulder bag, $2,025; mytheresa.com.

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"Intrecciato." Sound it out, 'cause you're going to get so many questions from all the other Sophisticated Gentlewomen who want to know the proper terminology for "braided leather." 

Bottega Veneta leather shoulder bag, $3,666; mytheresa.com.

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The trapezoid: a very chic polygon. I also like how it has piercings.

Chloé shoulder bag, $2,890; barneys.com.

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If I had this bag, I would put Glossier stickers all over it.

Dolce & Gabbana embellished leather shoulder bag, $2,595; mytheresa.com.

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There's something appealing about how floppy and rigid this bag is. Buy it just so you can make it the butt of all your "that's what she said" jokes.

Givenchy leather tote, $2,550; mytheresa.com.

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One time, I was going to get a Mondrian phone case, but it didn't have free shipping. This does. *takes your hand and high-fives it*

Marni color-block leather clutch, $1,660; net-a-porter.com.

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This is the handbag manifestation of joy and youth and fun. You should own it.

Miu Miu embellished leather shoulder bag, $1,950; mytheresa.com.

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It's like a purse made out of Matisse cutouts! Or a Wes Anderson movie! It's pink! You can carry tissues around in it! Add to cart now.

Paula Cademartori perforated leather handbag, $2,430; modaoperandi.com.

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On nights you're not hobnobbing with foreign dignitaries, this would make a more than satisfactory book end or lovely objet d'art. So practical! (Buy it.)

Rauwolf clutch, $1,990; modaoperandi.com.

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What kind of monster would deny themselves their own personal rainbow? Answer: not you. 

Valentino printed leather shoulder bag, $2,595; net-a-porter.com.

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