14 Unexpectedly Chic Things to Buy at the Mall

You're there, so might as well.

Courtesy of the designers, design by Jen Chalet

You're there, so might as well.

<p>Aerie high-neck sports bra, $20, <a href="https://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/product.jsp?productId=0785_2038_450&catId=cat7720141">aerie.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A racer-front sports bra in a pretty print

Aerie high-neck sports bra, $20, aerie.com.

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<p>Aldo square-toe boots, $84, <a href="http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/en_US/women/boots/dress-boots/c/136/JESSICAAMY/p/39678839-34#">aldoshoes.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
Exotic-skin boots to wear with cropped pants this winter

Aldo square-toe boots, $84, aldoshoes.com.

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<p>Abercrombie & Fitch flared jeans, $39, <a href="http://www.abercrombie.com/shop/us/womens-flare-jeans/a-and-f-flare-jeans-6125075_01?ofp=true">abercrombie.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
Cropped, flared jeans to wear with mid-height boots this winter

Abercrombie & Fitch flared jeans, $39, abercrombie.com.

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<p>Charlotte Russe double-buckle belt, $10, <a href="https://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/product.jsp?productId=0785_2038_450&catId=cat7720141">charlotterusse.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A double-buckle belt to style like Kendall Jenner

Charlotte Russe double-buckle belt, $10, charlotterusse.com.

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<p>Gap velvet miniskirt, $60, <a href="http://bit.ly/1M3uPbr">gap.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A kicky velvet skirt that's made for little sweaters and weird, flat shoes

Gap velvet miniskirt, $60, gap.com.

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<p>Forever 21 satin scarf, $6, <a href="http://bit.ly/1mb04fQ">forever21.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A skinny scarf to keep permanently wound around your neck

Forever 21 satin scarf, $6, forever21.com.

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<p>Claire's front-and-back earrings, $4, <a href="http://www.claires.com/us/products/orange-gator-front-and-back-earrings-58034">claires.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
Kitschy front-and-back baubles to invite to your #earparty

Claire's front-and-back earrings, $4, claires.com.

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<p>Aéropostale plaid coat, $29, <a href="http://bit.ly/1jOBfEI">aeropostale.com</a>. </p>
Courtesy of the designer
A fluffy double-breasted jacket

Aéropostale plaid coat, $29, aeropostale.com.

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<p>H&M short faux fur jacket, $99, <a href="http://bit.ly/1YZolDH">hm.com.</a></p>
Courtesy of the designer
An even fluffier faux fur jacket

H&M short faux fur jacket, $99, hm.com.

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<p>Old Navy pointy lace-up flats, $28, <a href="http://bit.ly/1IVqo2r">oldnavy.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
Lace-up flats because it's inevitable

Old Navy pointy lace-up flats, $28, oldnavy.com.

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<p>Victoria's Secret satin kimono, $50, <a href="http://bit.ly/1jOuxyo" target="_blank">victoriassecret.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A robe for fancy-lady lounging and wearing outside like a style blogger

Victoria's Secret satin kimono, $50, victoriassecret.com.

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<p>Lack of Color boater hat, $69, <a href="http://bit.ly/1OTHty1">pacsun.com.</a></p>
Courtesy of the designer
A boater hat for protecting your hair (and pretending to be a style blogger)

Lack of Color boater hat, $69, pacsun.com.

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<p>Ann Taylor faux fur scarf, $80, <a href="http://bit.ly/1mb08Mx">anntaylor.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A faux fur stole for *not* taking off when you're indoors

Ann Taylor faux fur scarf, $80, anntaylor.com.

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<p>Banana Republic cable-knit sweater, $98, <a href="http://bit.ly/1mb08Mx">bananarepublic.com</a>.</p>
Courtesy of the designer
A sweater with shoulder tufts

Banana Republic cable-knit sweater, $98, bananarepublic.com.

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