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12 Non-Boring Weekender Bags for All Your Last-Minute Summer Adventures

Chuck in a bikini and go.

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As Beyoncé's stylist might have done after making that elevator comment, you too should grab your always-packed go-bag and run. (To the nearest scenic body of water, not to darkest Wyoming.) Ahead, we've curated a selection of 12 ultra-reliable weekenders to keep stocked and loaded all summer round.

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Capri Blue

A quirky Wes Anderson-style getaway bag that's easy to clean up when your favorite shampoos and lotions inevitably explode en route.

Diane von Furstenberg Canvas Weekend Bag, $419; shopspring.com.

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Vacation-Ready Prints

Don't even try to pretend your #summer2k17 isn't Palm Beach Retiree.

Baggu Weekend Bag, $60, lifeandhome.com.

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Lox on the Side

Edit: Any quadrilateral in squelchy leather and a pastel color lights my fire.

Salmon Weekender, $625; clairev.com.

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A Cross-Body Hero

Note the extra-long handles for avoiding that claustrophobic-arm feeling.

$175; cuyana.com.

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A "Never Lose Me at Baggage Claim" Bag

It may be a splurge, but hey, everyone will know it's yours 💅.

Regent Weekend Bag, $836; libertylondon.com.

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Chanel Lovers, Welcome

Aside from the quilted texture and zillion pockets, its main selling point is the featherlight nylon. Why carry a bag that's heavy before there's any stuff in it, you know?

Jim Bag, $285; mzwallace.com.

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A Bag That Does Both

On the weekdays, "knows how to use all the gym equipment" vibes. On the weekends, Jason Bourne.

Sandqvist Weekend Bag, $161; dandyfellow.com.

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A Portable Closet

A stylish and roomy getaway bag designed to carry all your many outfit changes in one place (plus the accompanying shoe options).

Stella McCartney Fallabella Eco-Nylon Weekender Bag, $520; matchesfashion.com.

<p>An isosceles trapezoid really gets me going. </p><p><em>$410, <a href="http://www.brooksengland.com/en_us/mott-holdall-l-2.html" target="_blank">brooksengland.com</a>.</em></p>
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All the Angles

An isosceles trapezoid really gets me going.

$410, brooksengland.com.

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Colorblocking on Point

A sporty weekender that holds an impressive amount of Cool Ranch Doritos (don't ask); the lining is a colorful Southwestern print, which makes locating your belongings amongst said backdrop very easy.

Faguo Weekend Bag, $117; monshowroom.com.

<p>Yellow to represent your sunny personality, a triangle print to quietly establish your Illuminati connections. </p><p><em>$298, <a href="http://kestrelbags.com/collections/weekenders/products/aurous-angle-weekender" target="_blank">kestrelbags.com</a>.</em></p>
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Sunshine on Your Shoulder

Yellow to represent your sunny personality, a triangle print to quietly establish your Illuminati connections.

Aurous Angle Weekender, $298, kestrelbags.com.

<p>All leather, symmetry, and wraparound-effect zippers = instant classic. </p><p><em>$850, <a href="http://www.ectula.com/shop/weekender/hudson/navy" target="_blank">ectula.com</a>.</em></p>
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Luxe and Leather

All leather, symmetry, and wraparound-effect zippers = instant classic.

Hudson bag, $650, ectula.com.

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