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10 Sneakers for Getting Fit/Running Away from Your Problems

Every day is leg day.


You might tell yourself differently—that you're going to quit your job/dress better/drop those last 10 15 pounds—but in 2017, you will probably continue laying on your couch heh-heh-ing at memes. Nothing wrong with that! But should you find yourself wanting to get incrementally, vaguely better, here are 10 pairs of not-ugly sneakers to keep around in case of any spontaneous bursts of willpower. Heh. Heh.


Finally! Sneakers that say "I may be of average size, but I can totally dunk on you in my mind." 

$160, ssense.com.

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Athletic Propulsion Labs

Just look what they did for Khloé Kardashian.

$165, net-a-porter.com.

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Adidas by Stella McCartney

A futuristic cap toe to coordinate with your workout playlist, which is just the soundtrack to Tron with a side of more Daft Punk. 

$187, matchesfashion.com.

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Light as a feather.

$95, allbirds.com.

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Warm and cool, like your core temperature as your body struggles to regulate its temperature. (Consult your physician before vigorous physical activity.)

$75, nativeshoes.com.

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If you're serious about the running bit. (You're actually serious?) 

$125, newtonrunning.com.

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Pink and Orange: A Criminally Underrated Color Combo.

$65, nike.com.

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Mint is calming, yeah? So it'll keep me from blowing a gasket on the StairMaster? 

$60, puma.com.

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Reebok x Face Stockholm

When two brands that *really* understand color collide.

$80, reebok.com.

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To think like a f*ckboy, dress like one.

$235, openingceremony.com.

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