10 Touchscreen Gloves That Aren't Completely Ugly

Never choose between a critical text and getting your fingers amputated again.


This winter, give her what she really wants: the ability to use a mobile device in subzero weather without her fingers snapping off like store-brand pretzel rods. Tech-friendly gloves might not be the sexiest accessories, but we managed to round up 10 pairs that won't incinerate your eyeballs.

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L.L. Bean

The sensible purchase you would have turned your nose up at years ago that you now look at like, "Mmm. Nice."

$69, llbean.com.

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Urban Outfitters

These fit in seamlessly with your current aesthetic, which is Liam Gallagher at his Liam Gallagher-iest.

$10, urbanoutfitters.com.

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Well, if one doesn't fall out of your pocket, you'll never have to buy another pair again.

$225, barneys.com.

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Fumio Haishima

Another chance at color redemption if you ignore our advice about the headgear

$28, moma.com.

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A longer length for warm forearms/wearing bracelet sleeves. 

$17, gap.com.

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Crucial: "lined in cashmere."

$98, jcrew.com.

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The next best thing to actually wearing a blanket out. 

$20, pendleton-usa.com.

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Sylvia Alexander

Objectively, kind of hilarious, but on the right person, kind of amazing.

$17, target.com.

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That rich-girl cuff 🙏.

$110, ugg.com.

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Old Navy

Athleisure knows no bounds.

$12, oldnavy.com.

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