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Is She Wearing Pajamas or Real Clothes? A Quiz

Stumped ya.

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I don't know about "gender fluidity," but Gigi Hadid has much more successfully blurred the lines between sleep and waking, trotting out several pairs of pajamas in the daytime. But there's a difference between clothes made for snoozing in and those just designed to look that way. Test yourself ahead.

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Gigi Hadid

Pajamas or chic Palm Beach granny? 

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Morgan Lane, $558

BUY IT: morganlane.com.

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Gigi Hadid

Real PJs or just a great example of trompe l'oeil? 

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One hundred percent, USDA-certified intended to be worn IRL. A similar look from the same designer Christian Dada shown here. 

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Did she tumble out of bed into a Met Gala after-party? (Would not put it past Rihanna, honestly.) Or did she get dressed With Purpose? 

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Purpose (tour). This is Prada Spring 2017 and in my top 10 favorite collections ever, probably. 

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Sienna Miller

C'mon—you can figure this one out.

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Prada again, dreams again. 

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Kiernan Shipka

When you're out past your bedtime so you dress to turn in immediately once you're home. Or not? 

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Yes—these are Prada, but they're Prada *pajamas.* Which also makes them $2,000.

Prada, $2,250

BUY IT: net-a-porter.com.

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Gigi Hadid

Designed for a duvet day? Or a duvet day the Taylor Swift way, where you're literally wrapped in a duvet but in the car on your way to do important things? 

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Technically, both, but collectively, these are classified as a sweatsuit—a cashmere sweatsuit.

Olivia van Halle, $1,235

BUY IT: net-a-porter.com.

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Gigi Hadid

Nightie? Or, uh, day-ie?

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Day-ie. (The leather should've given it away.) 

BUY IT: Jitrois, $2,288; jitrois.com.

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Selena Gomez

PJs or real clothes? (I'm getting tired.)

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Proper PJs, very subtly printed.

Derek Rose, $225

BUY IT: derek-rose.com.

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Rihanna out at 3 a.m., a fact that doesn't help you guess at all.

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But she's still in her party clothes, the trooper she is. These co-ords are from Fleamadonna, a genius name if we ever heard one.

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Amber Heard

Nightgown? Or a longish dress one wears in the evening?

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The latter. 

The Row, $3,990

BUY IT:  barneys.com.

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Kim Kardashian

Who even knows with Kim (but actually her stylist, AKA Kanye)? 

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They're real. But sold out, unfortunately for Ann Demeulemeester fans.

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Cara Delevingne

We know she's got a thing for onesies, but is this one built for lounging?

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Nay—raging with your superhero pals. (That's what the print is.)

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Rashida Jones

If anybody has tailored pajamas, it would be Rashida Jones. Or Thom Browne.

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But she doesn't! The shirt and trousers are Erdem—amazing what a sheer cape can do, eh? 

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This was a premiere for her movie Battleship, which is criminally underrated and actually a cinematic gem, if only for the part where she goes "Mahalo" before blowing the aliens to kingdom come. But even with that context, one can never be sure.

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It's Emilio Pucci, and it's mega. 

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Jessica Alba

Awww! This was in 2009, so Joan Rivers (RIP) probably slammed her for this, but we're into it. 

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And so were Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce—because they made it.

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