From Fidget Spinners to Chandelier Shoes, the Best Accessories from NYFW

All the closeups you haven't seen.

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Even if you're viewing a fashion show from the comfort of your computer screen, there's still a lot of noise to cut through—literally, if you're watching one with a soundtrack Michael Bay would love and more quick zooms than an Edgar Wright film. If only there were some way to really see the details and those glorious shoes and bags...

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Sachin & Babi

There are shoulder dusters, and then there are these guys, who tickle your COLLARBONE. The drama.

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Laurence & Chico

If these don't wind up on Rihanna's feet/legs at some point, that will be a real missed opportunity.

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Ulla Johnson

Two straw bags > one. Or none.

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Noon by Noor

A very elegant fanny pack, proving that all things are possible.

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Calvin Klein

Great for some after-dinner puppetry or lashing stupid men across the face, should the occasion arise. 

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Tory Burch

FIDGET SPINNERS (stylized, but still). 

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Grab your scissors and markers, kids. It's DIY time. 

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Creatures of the Wind

A sixth microtrend: wrapping bag straps around your wrist. 

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Brock Collection

Might take some time to get disentangled every time you want to set it down, but perhaps worth it for the aesthetics. 

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You're eating spaghetti. A twirling error results in a sauce fling. It lands on your torso. You just wipe it off. Genius.

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Christian Siriano

It's been a while since we've had a big cuff moment. More, please.

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Alexander Wang

Party like it's your birthday and someone's stuck a plastic tiara on your head.

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Fenty x Puma

It was kind of hard to tell because we were still reeling from the motocross bikers, but those are ying-yang earrings, wow. 

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Prabal Gurung

Better get used to tiny sunglasses hanging around.

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Marc Jacobs

Same for fanny packs.

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Heel like one of those zigzag chairs you can't afford. 

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Mansur Gavriel

If Mansur Gavriel shows scrunchies, you know '90s hair accessories are well and truly back

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Badgley Mischka

A pretty, floral iteration of the mega earring.

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Michael Kors

Sun-bleached and well-worn—just like everything else the Michael Kors woman owns.

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Not sure how this works, exactly, but still here for it.

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Simon Miller

You know the brand for its tiny ring-handle bucket bags,

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Rosie Assoulin

And when you're not toting it around, you could stick some flowers in there.

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To everybody who will own these: Take every opportunity possible to prop your feet up for those of us who can't (wah).

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Oscar de la Renta

When it's too hard to pick a shoe for your outfit, go for the Absence of Shoe. 

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