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Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Know when you see a stranger wearing something that's so awesome you have to stop her and say, "Hey, where'd you get that?" After we realized it was happening all the time in our very own office, we decided to start stalking staffers and beg them to share. Enjoy!

Name: Molly Walker

M.O.: Beauty intern

Why she chose this outfit: "I just found out that my family might relocate to Paris, so I was inspired by Parisian style — I'm really into the whole idea."

Her look: Fierce Euro girl

Standout item: Glittering T-strap high heels

Where to get it: "I'm into the rocker look: leather, zippers, and really, really high heels. These are Miu Miu. I got them on sale at Barneys very recently."

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