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Whether it's due to a last-minute invitation or a bit of procrastination doesn't matter: You're on the way to the party and you need a gift, now. Celebrating the host or guest of honor with something thoughtful is nice (and you'll need something if there's a White Elephant situation on the horizon).

The good news is that modern life means buying something on the go is simple. The littlest bit of thought can result in a gift that feels a lot more purposeful than the time stamp on the receipt would lead someone to believe. Below, four presents you can find easily, but won't look it.

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1 For the Party
Crown Royal

Crown Royal Deluxe, $24


The lucky recipient can open the bottle immediately for a smooth whisky with hints of vanilla, oak, and fruit (or keep it for later). What's outside the bottle matters too: Crown's signature felt bag means this present is already wrapped.

2 For the Morning After

Kodiak Cakes Muffin Mix


A present like this really shines the next morning when dishes are dirty and floors are sticky. Pop a bow on the box and it becomes super thoughtful (even if you actually only thought of it a half hour before...).

3 For the Future

Venero Wine Decanter


Most big-box stores will have a sleek and simple decanter you can grab quickly. It's a universal crowd pleaser, since even hosts that aren't big wine-drinkers will have guests who are.

4 For Always

Spotify Gift Card


Chances are your host has a Spotify account, but doesn't pay to avoid all the ads (right?). Let them skip over the interruptions for as long as they—or your gift-giving budget—wants.

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