Alec Baldwin Returned to 'SNL' as Trump to Discuss the AHCA

"A C-section is a pre-existing condition."

Saturday Night Live's political coverage has only gotten better since Donald Trump became president. From Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression, to Alec Baldwin's perfect Trump pout, the comedy series has upped the ante when it comes to satirizing the world we're living in. And SNL's latest cold open tackled the American Health Care Act exquisitely.

In tribute to the real-life relationship between Morning Joehosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon did an incredible job of playing up the pair's onscreen chemistry. But the subject matter of the sketch was far from lighthearted. Instead, the comedians circled back to the AHCA, and the negative impact it would have on women.

Moffat's Scarborough announced that Trump's latest bill "might take healthcare away from 24 million Americans." While his delivery was funny, the topic most definitely wasn't.

McKinnon's Brzezinski pointed out that, according to the AHCA, "a C-section is a pre-existing condition. And you know what's not? Erectile Dysfunction." While Scarborough scolded her for the remark, her point is pertinent to women everywhere.

Perhaps the best moment of the sketch was when Alec Baldwin's Trump phoned up the hosts for an on air interview. However, he introduced himself as, "John Miller. I'm sort of new here."

Trump-in-disguise went on to state, "I work very hard, so incredibly hard." He was celebrating the success of the bill, although Scarborough and Brezezinski were quick to point out that he may not have won yet.

Scarborough said, "The bill goes through the senate. They might even rewrite the entire thing if they pass it all," to which Trump replied, "What now?" He quickly ended the call, which prompted Brezezinski to remark, "The president is mentally ill."

Between their parody of the Morning Joe hosts' relationship, and their frank discussion of the AHCA, SNL succeeded, once again, in delivering biting political satire, that's as terrifying as it is true.

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Amy Mackelden

Amy Mackelden is a freelance writer, editor, and disability activist. Her bylines include Harper's BAZAAR, Nicki Swift, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, ELLE, The Independent, Bustle, Healthline, and HelloGiggles. She co-edited The Emma Press Anthology of Illness, and previously spent all of her money on Kylie Cosmetics.