Donald Trump Has Breakdown, Calls Tech Guy That Put Mic Together a "Son of a Bitch" and Demands He Doesn't Get Paid

Friendly reminder: Donald Trump wants to run this country.

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Donald Trump, enemy of bald eagles (opens in new tab), participated in yet another campaign rally, and this time his animosity was directed toward someone other than Rosie O'Donnell. Naturally, we're talking about the poor, traumatized person who put together Donald Trump's microphone, a routine task that turned into a public shaming. 

"By the way, I don't like this mic," Donald Trump said (opens in new tab) during a Florida rally on January 13th. "Whoever the heck bought this mic system—don't pay the son of a bitch that put it in. This mic is terrible. Stupid mic keeps popping. Do you hear that, George? Don't pay 'em. Don't pay 'em. You know, I believe in paying, but when somebody does a bad job–like this stupid mic–you shouldn't pay the bastard."

We're not sure who "George" is, but one can only assume that Trump is referring to either his personal assistant or the broken spirit of George Bush. Either way, he had more to say on this important topic: "Terrible. Terrible. It's true. And you gotta be tough with your people, because they'll pay, they don't care, they'll pay. So, we're not going to pay. I guarantee, I'm not paying for this mic. Every two minutes, I hear, like: 'Boom, boom.'"

Ugh, Donald Trump's life is so hard. If only Sean Penn could come in and help rectify this situation.

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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