Trump Says White House Staff Argue About How Much They Love Him


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Politico just published the full transcript of Donald Trump's recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, and it's a side-eye inducing sight to behold. Mostly because it reveals just how obsessed Trump is with people liking him.

First, there's this moment—where Trump suggests that the Justice Department go after leakers instead of all the people fighting over how much they "love" him. (Note: Anthony Scaramucci hadn't yet left his 10-day position at the time of this interview.)

But Trump's belief that people blindly adore him also comes through while talking about a speech he made to the Boy Scouts. The president seems to argue with the WSJ about how popular said speech was, and whether or not there was a mixed reaction.

When you dub news outlets "fake" and call critics "haters and losers," it's no wonder your world view looks like this:

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