Dumped By Txt Msg

Breaking up is always terrible. Being dumped over text message just makes it a whole lot worse. I'm guessing American Idol Carrie Underwood would agree. Turns out her Gossip Girl star boyfriend Chace Crawford (who plays Blair's beau, Nate) doesn't know how to pick up the phone and apparently (if the rumors are to be believed) dumped her via text message. Underwood claims it was "mutual," but we all know someone had to send the first "its not u its me" text to set this electronic break-up in motion.

The top 3 worst ways to find out it's over:

1. Over Facebook with either an abrupt relationship status update or wall post

2. Over any form of instant/text messaging

3. On a post-it (a la Sex and the City)

Daily Dishers: Let's hear it. What's the worst way a guy's ever called it quits?

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