11 Real Women's Pre-Sex Beauty Rituals

We spoke to women about their grooming rituals before sex. The results? Weird, hilarious, and totally relatable.

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In the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa, let's talk about sex (baby). Or, more specifically, getting ready for sex, because it can be a whole process.

We spoke to 11 women about what they do before doing the deed, and let's just say it's been an enlightening experience. Two words: nipple plucking.

"I make sure to exfoliate my pubic area so that I don't have unattractive ingrown hairs—and also so my skin is extra soft in the event of oral sex. By which I mean when I demand oral sex." — F.B.

"My husband and I have been having sex for over eight years, but we still like to look nice for each other. I *always* pee before (and after!) sex, so while I'm in the bathroom I usually touch up my makeup. I don't know if my husband even notices, but it makes me feel prettier and sexier, and I know he notices that." — G.M.A

"I try to wear mascara while having sex. I know it sounds weird, but since a lot of eye-contact might be happening it seems like a good plan. Of course, waterproof is a must. Because sweat." — R.D.

"At this point in life, my pre-sex beauty ritual consists of making sure I don't have food on my face. But when I was single, I would pluck the hairs on my areola. Everybody has them. Also, a smoky eye is good if you know you're going home with someone because it smudges well and looks even better in the morning." — M.W

"I drink tons of water right before. There's nothing worse than trying to make out or give head with a dry mouth." — W.M.

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"If I know I'm gonna get some, I make sure to tug on my pubic hair in the shower so any loose ones come out then instead of in his mouth." — S.H.

"Before sex, I like to take a second in the bathroom mirror to flip my hair a few times. This is instant hair volume and gives me a little rosiness in my cheeks." — K.D.

"I think it's fun to coordinate my bra and underwear. They won't stay on for long but the ensemble makes me feel sexy and in control." — F.F.

"There's nothing wrong with dabbing a bit of perfume on your butt cheeks. You never know where the night will take you." — T.P.

"I always take a shower, because I'm extremely polite that way. I also shave my thighs so they're not scratchy." — M. A.

"If I have some extra time and I'm optimistic about my chances of having sex with my boyfriend, I shave the usual parts of my body, do some light bikini-line maintenance, and fix my pedicure. If I only have time to do one thing, I wash my feet, because I'm a clogs-without-socks girl, and that gets nasty." — D.Q.

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