Weekend Update: Going To Atlantic City, NJ For My Buddy's Bachelor Party

I'm on a September bender…

We just got back from Labor Day debauchery, and now it's time for my friend's bachelor party in Atlantic City, NJ. I still have the wedding and another friend's bachelor party to go in this September bender. As best man (don't ask me why my friend thinks I'm responsible), I planned a fun weekend in Atlantic City, NJ with all of the vices us guys love: gambling, booze, and ladies—hopefully our weekend will be like the lyrics of every song on Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction. We plan to live like Roman Emporers this weekend, so we got rooms at Caesars Atlantic City.

I do plan to take a walk on that famous boardwalk and find unhealthy vittles such as funnel cake (deep fried dough—I get the feeling you could deep fry rocks and they'd taste good). I got some flak from the rest of the bachelor party for suggesting we rent a private hot tub atHarrah's Pool, where we will be Saturday night.Maybe that is a bit on the gay side, but my goal is to be like a Roman Emperor this weekend. Didn't they hang out in hot tubs with large groups of men?

I'm one of the few single guys in the group yet again (I guess we can pretty much always assume that at this point), so we'll see how I make out (no pun intended). Maybe I'll just start smallinstead of trying to orchestrate orgies (even though orgies are Roman Emperor-like), lesbians, and other "holy grails" of makeouts. Lately, I skip right to "kiss your hot friend in front of me," instead of "kiss me". Wish me luck, and we'll catch up next week. Enjoy the weekend!

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