My Thoughts on 7 Enhancements Women Make to Their Appearance

We can all agree that Heidi Montag has some mental issues, given her obsession with plastic surgery. Body enhancements are interesting because they are physical changes that can be brought on by a mental state or temporary mental phase.

For example, a girl in our office was trying to break up with her boyfriend, but she was struggling with it, and never did it. During this period, she dyed her hair. I thought nothing of it, but another female in our office noted that this girl was having trouble making a big change in her life, so dyeing her hair represented an easier change.

I admit that I feel more confident when I enhance my appearance by wearing my stylish (and incredibly uncomfortable) skinny jeans. There are many reasons women may want to enhance: to rebel, to change a stagnant lifestyle, for revenge (maybe an ex hated piercings, for example), to feel more beautiful, to increase confidence, etc. I'm much more into the natural look, so there aren't many enhancements I think are attractive.

Here's a list of enhancements and my thoughts:

Off-Season Tan

I agree that a nice tan is sexy. But it's a little strange, at least here in NYC, when a girl is bronzed in the middle of January when it's 10 degrees out. Fake tanning is unhealthy, and I think someone is trying too hard when they set aside significant time and money to get a tan even though the majority of people in town are not tan.

Boob Job

I may be in the minority of guys, but I'm not a big fan of boob jobs. Sure, I will "commend" a girl along with my buddies when she decides to enhance. But when I'm talking to a girl with giant fake boobs, I find myself fixated on how big her boobs are. The other day, I watched that E "Fashion Police" show, and Joan Rivers admitted she couldn't stop staring at Mariah Carey's boobs at the Golden women get fixated too.

And the one time I touched fake boobs, I was more fascinated with their fakeness than anything else. When I find out boobs are fake, I have that same feeling of letdown like when I found out Santa Claus was a scam.


I'm too into the natural innocent look to like piercings/tattoos. I think there's an interesting artistic element to them, but I can't get over the idea that the person endured pain to get them.

Fake Eyelashes

You might think this is random, but one time I met up with a girl for a date and she had these huge fake eyelashes on. She could have been in the cast of that Moulin Rouge movie. I was immediately turned off by the fake eyelashes, and nothing could have brought me back.

Colored Contacts

I actually think it's beautiful to see a girl with blue contacts with dark hair, or green with blonde, and so on. As long as you're upfront about it, I don't see anything wrong with colored contacts. But, if after three months of dating, your eyes suddenly change color, it might blow up in your face.

Dyed Hair, Hairstyle Changes, Etc.

Again, I'm traditional in the sense that I think hair change is the coolest way to alter your look. I've always respected big changes, small changes, highlights, or whatever. It's fun to see how different women look as blondes or brunettes, though I'm not particularly fond of roots that are different colors, or that bleached-blonde look.

Nose Jobs

I have no problem with nose jobs, especially if they make someone feel better about themselves. I can say, however, that most of the time I liked the old nose just as well. But friends say I'm a fan of noses, even when they aren't perfect, so perhaps that's why.

I'm sure some women enhance based only on making themselves feel better. But some women probably do want men to have a better opinion of them after they enhance. Personally, I like a natural look, and I like to know that what I am seeing is what I'm getting.

Which of the above enhancements would you avoid, and what are your thoughts on enhancements? Do you agree that, while enhancements are physical changes, there is a huge mental piece to enhancing? How does enhancing affect you mentally, and what kind of mental states push women to make a change?

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