Katie Couric: Proof Men Like Older, Powerful Women

Paul Morigi/FilmMagic

Since I'm something of a cradle-robber, I was delighted to find out (albeit four years late) that 54-year-old Katie Couric, the CBS news anchor, is dating a guy who is nearly 20 years her junior (and has been since early 2007). Over the weekend, Ms. Couric and her beau, 36-year-old entrepreneur Brooks Perlin, spent some time at the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach — and she looks pretty happy in the photos that are making the rounds online.

Exciting, isn't it, to see a serious May-December romance that involves an older woman who may be a huge celebrity, yes, but isn't famous for her beauty as much as her brains? I mean, sure, Katie Couric is an extremely attractive lady — but more in a soccer-mom kind of way than a movie-star way. She's also a very powerful woman, and a big player in the media world. Conventional wisdom (as well as some evolutionary psychology) has it that men don't like very powerful women, or much older women. But here's Ms. Couric helping to blow the conventional wisdom out of the water ... down at Miami Beach. I think it's hot.

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