Pros and Cons of Sowing Your Wild Oats

My friend recently broke up and now claims he can't wait to "sew his wild oats". I'm wondering how that experience will be as rewarding as growing close to someone and falling in love. So, I weighed the pros and cons.

A friend of mine recently ended a relationship
and now claims he can't wait to "sow his wild oats." I'm wondering how that experience could be as rewarding as

growing close to someone and falling in love.

So, I weighed the pros and cons:


It's Not 
That Easy To Do

I strike out just as often when I'm just looking to hook up as I do when I'm looking for a girlfriend. It's depressing because I set goals (get laid by as many women as possible) and don't meet those goals. It's like trying to figure out nuclear fusion: It would be awesome if I could do it, but I'm not capable.

You Might Miss a Better Opportunity

If you're determined to sow your wild oats, you might just let that special person pass you by if they come along at the wrong time.

It's Empty

There are times when people want fun, void of emotion. But isn't an emotional connection more fulfilling? After you sow enough wild oats, you might reflect back and find that your experiences haven't amounted to anything outside of temporary exhilaration.

It's Dangerous

You all know I have an acute fear of every STD in the book...not to mention unintended pregnancy. Is it worth the risk?

It Makes You Feel Cheap

As you go from person to person, the spontaneity and fun may turn into shame. Many people who set out to sew their wild oats accept that they are going to be compromising traditional morals.But, after a while, it's not uncommon to feel bad about yourself if you're stringing together flings.


It Convinces You That You're "Ready"

People seem more prone to get into relationships once they've purged the "bad side" from their systems.

It Eliminates Regret

One common male regret is not playing the field enough before settling down. If that regret follows you into a marriage, it can get dangerous.

I've come to the conclusion that sowing your wild oats is overrated. People who need to do it are most likely not "relationship"-oriented. It's all relative — some might say that my two one-night stands qualify as "wild oats."I think that it takes a lot more than that, but then again I'm conservative.

What do you think are the pros and cons of this kind of behavior? Do you believe it's necessary to go through this phase before you can get into a relationship?