What Not to Do If You Get Left at the Alter

I teared up after reading about this jilted bride's attempt at suicide.

Although I usually don't have such an emotional response to the Day's Craziest Story, I teared up when reading about the jilted bride in eastern China who tried to commit suicide.

On what was supposed to be her wedding day, she heard that her partner had called off the wedding — and married someone else. The distraught 22-year-old student was in a community center when she pushed herself off the 80-foot-tall ledge of the building. But amazingly, the center's director managed to grab the skirt of her white gown, and then her neck ... and with some assistance from people on the floor below, who were pushing up her feet, he eventually managed to pull her back inside the window. The pictures are pretty crazy, and the video is a bit hard to believe at first — you wonder a little if the whole thing was some kind of weird stunt — until you see the EMTs rushing the weakened young woman into an ambulance.

We've all been there — so sad after being dumped or dissed by some guy we thought could be the one that life doesn't seem worth living — or close to it. But things change, and there is so much life ahead! To paraphrase one commenter in this New York Post story, though this woman doesn't realize it yet, she was saved for someone better!

What I'm trying to say is she shouldn't lose hope. None of us should.

Have the worst moments in your life helped lead you to more happiness than you thought possible? Have your lows paved the way for your highs? Or did you simply recover more than you ever thought you could from a bad breakup? Let us in on it, so we can remember your phoenix stories for the next time we hit bottom. Or, thank goodness, are saved from hitting it.