Tasteful Alternatives to the Bawdy Bachelorette Party

A Vodka Gimlet, Hold the Penis Straw Please

If phallic drinking straws and glow in the dark condom necklaces are a little too Rock of Love for your liking—say, perhaps you value your dignity—try these tasteful alternatives to the bawdy . The bride, her Facebook friends, and future offspring will thank you for it.

1. Cooking class: Because sometimes domesticity is sexy—ever see Nigella make tikka masala?

2. Spa weekend: Nothing paves the way for a great wedding like a thorough colon cleanse.

3. Surf camp: And if you run into Orlando Bloom floating around on his board, you're welcome.

4. Wine tasting: Tanked bridesmaids on the day of the wedding? Trashy. Tanked bridesmaids with wine-stained lips the weekend before? Classy.

5. First row tickets to a concert: You're a grown up, it's okay to pay the big bucks for a great seats now. Plus, the bride's up-close-and-personal Bono fantasy comes true.

6. Camping: Warning: Avoid setting up camp in the same vicinity of the bachelor party tent, or be prepared to share your beer.

7. Sky Diving: Why not a literal plunge to celebrate the metaphoric one?

8. Charity Run/Walk: Yes, you could be considered for sainthood. Get your speech ready.