What Would You Change About Men?

Made In The U.S.A.
Chris Buck

What's the one thing American women wish we could change about our men? More than 400 of you told us:

36% wish American men were more romantic/ chivalrous.

22% wish they didn't all want to date supermodels.

11% wish they were more worldly.

11% wish they'd exercise their brains as much as their bodies.

6% wish they dressed better.

And here, an international view...


AUSTRALIA Anna, 27, banker: "Aussie guys 'adjust' themselves in public and sit with their legs ridiculously far apart when a girl's next to them, as if they have such huge packages!"

BRAZIL Claudia, 32, journalist: "I wish men weren't such womanizers. Most Brazilian men treat women like sex objects. They want to be with a girl they can show off to friends."

ENGLAND Jessica, 22, student: "British guys are messy and dirty, and they have a tendency to snore. I guess you could say they have a lot in common with American men, from what I've witnessed!"

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