What Would You Change About Men?

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What's the one thing American women wish we could change about our men? More than 400 of you told us:

36% wish American men were more romantic/ chivalrous.

22% wish they didn't all want to date supermodels.

11% wish they were more worldly.

11% wish they'd exercise their brains as much as their bodies.

6% wish they dressed better.

And here, an international view...


AUSTRALIA Anna, 27, banker: "Aussie guys 'adjust' themselves in public and sit with their legs ridiculously far apart when a girl's next to them, as if they have such huge packages!"

BRAZIL Claudia, 32, journalist: "I wish men weren't such womanizers. Most Brazilian men treat women like sex objects. They want to be with a girl they can show off to friends."

ENGLAND Jessica, 22, student: "British guys are messy and dirty, and they have a tendency to snore. I guess you could say they have a lot in common with American men, from what I've witnessed!"

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