Dating Diary: The Initiator

Andrejs Pidjass

Morgan, 27, teacher, Washington, D.C.

SATURDAY 7:30 p.m., gym: Got a surprising text from the sexy lawyer I chatted up at a concert a few weeks ago. Nice!

8 p.m.: After a dozen "What have you been up to?" and "How was your week?" texts, he finally asks me what I'm doing tonight. I write back, "Nothing ... yet." No response — I guess he's not going to take the hint and ask me out, so I cave and ask him to a friend's party later.

10:30 p.m., friend's house: I'm waiting for the lawyer outside at my friend's party. Realize I'm not sure I'll recognize him.

10:45 p.m.: I recognize him! We go inside. Instead of mingling, we sit in the corner talking.

11:45 p.m.: Head to a nearby lounge and stay for one drink. He walks me to my car, where we have an awkward good-night hug. I can't tell if he wants more or not, so I leave it. I reaaaally like him.

TUESDAY 8:30 p.m., home: Text lawyer: "Wanna hang out tomorrow?"

9 p.m.: Response: "After work. Where?"

WEDNESDAY 7 p.m., bar: We meet up at happy hour. Then we go to hear live music. I initiate some hand-holding and making out. Remind him I have to get up early for work, so I head home alone. (He's gotta work for something here.) We make plans for Saturday.

FRIDAY 7 p.m., home: Can't stop thinking about the lawyer. Decide to text him to see what he's doing tonight. Hmm. I wonder why I have to initiate everything. I know guys are slow to make the first move, but this is ridiculous.

10 p.m.: Still no text back. Grrr.

SATURDAY 2 a.m., home: Woken up by my phone chiming. It's a text from the lawyer: "Sorry — was out on a date! LOL." WTF?! Why do I attract such idiot guys?

4 a.m.: Not sleeping. I'm too pissed off.

10 a.m.: Making breakfast when I get another text. "What time do you want to meet up this evening?" Is he serious?

12 p.m.: I make him wait, and then text him back: "Sorry — I'm busy." He immediately writes, "What's up?" but I ignore it.

4 p.m.: He calls my cell but doesn't leave a message. Now he initiates....

8 p.m.: He calls again. I answer and say I'm already out with my friends. I don't explicitly say I'm done with him, but I'm sure he can tell from my curt "yeahs" and "whatevers." I tell him I have to go, then hang up. Next!

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