The Horrifying Reality of How Overweight Women Are Treated on Dates

One woman wore a fat suit on Tinder dates and men were ... not kind.

Skeevy pickup site Simple Pickup just released a video that shows how terribly overweight women are treated in the world of online dating. In the video, a beautiful woman uploads a Tinder profile, showing off defined abs in a bikini and generally looking Victoria's-Secret-model-esque. She sets up dates with a handful of guys, but before the date she dons a full-body fat suit. Depressing dates ensue:

"I'm actually married"? Dude. That is the most transparent lie to get out of a date I have ever heard. (Kudos to the guy who stayed!)

But the group also made a video with reversed gender roles. And what happened? Did the overweight guy get ditched like the woman did? No, after some initial incredulity he was offered second dates and even got a kiss from one woman.

And, guys, you wonder why women hate dating.

Via Cosmopolitan

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