Introducing the shePhone

Illustration by L.Dopa
We asked founder Mia Kim to help us create our ideal all-in-one gizmo. Move over, iPhone.

Features include:

1. Mini "Rabbit" vibrator

2. Perfume/Mace atomizer (just be sure to pick the right setting!)

3. Xanax dispenser (also works for other meds)

4. Dental floss

5. Corkscrew (for when the pills run out)

6. Home pregnancy test

7. Condom dispenser

From the interface:


Portable tanning laser

Cell-phone signal jammer (silence others in mid-call!)

Voice analyzer (is your BF where he says he is?)


GPS Universal remote (override other remotes)

Phone, Wi-Fi Web, MP3 player, and, finally, TiVo (record 24 when you're stuck at a client dinner)

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