Single on Valentine's Day? So Is Everyone Else

Pass me the boxed wine, please?
Being Single on Valentine's Day
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Single on Valentine's Day? Well, you aren't alone. In fact, if you are between 15-25, eight out of ten Americans, or 80 percent, do not have a significant other, according to Insite Consulting's study via The Daily Mail UK. But being single doesn't equate to giving up on love. According to the study, 30 percent have tried online dating, while 10 percent are wiling to try it in the future. Half have gone out on the date for the sake of dating, aka "without the intention of having a relationship." Seems a bit pointless but practice makes perfect, right?

Let's be real — being single isn't so bad on Valentine's Day because there are NO expectations. Remember last Valentine's Day when you had expectations and your ex-boyfriend bought you several gifts that were ABSOLUTELY. NOT. YOU? Yeah, so much for expectations. I'm more than happy watching Netflix with my bestie, or hitting up the dollar oyster bar after work with friends—at least in both of those instances I know I'll have good company and a great time.

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