Most Famous Fake Orgasms in Movies

Look back at Hollywood's best climaxes in all their screaming, fist-pounding glory.
jane fonda in barbarella
Everett Collection
What does an orgasm look like? If you believe Hollywood, there's screaming, fist-pounding, and liberal taking of the Lord's name in vain. Here, our favorite movie O's.
jane fonda in barbarella
Everett Collection

Jane Fonda's campy 1968 sci-fi comic-book heroine is placed in the Excessive Machine, meant to pleasure her to death. (She survives.)

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meg ryan in when harry met sally
Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection
When Harry Met Sally

The gold standard of on-screen orgasms, Meg Ryan's 1989 performance in a New York City deli proved to every guy in America that, yes, women fake it.

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kristen bell in forgetting sarah marshall
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Kristen Bell fools no one in a shrieking attempt to make her ex (in the next room) jealous in this 2008 hit. Russell Brand found it "deeply upsetting." We were just embarrassed.

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katherine heigl in the ugly truth
Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection
The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl's type-A producer catches a buzz when her vibrating panties go on the fritz in the 2009 comedy. Surprisingly, the icy Heigl nails it. It's always the quiet ones.

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