Bigger Wedding, Better Marriage, New Study Reveals

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We've all heard the warning that when you worry too much about having the perfect wedding, you're not focusing enough on perfecting your marriage. Think Kim Kardashian's over-the-top, televised, tabloid-splashed nupitals to Kris Humphries that resulted in the dissolution of a marriage after less than 75 days. Well, for all of you that are dreaming of larger-than-life nupitals complete with a multi-tiered cake, hundreds of guests, and elaborate floral arrangements, don't fear that your future marriage is doomed. A new study from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia revealed that a traditional wedding actually bodes well for a successful marriage, rather than the other way around. This isn't the only revelation the study found about the potential for future happiness in marriage. Apparently, having fewer relationships before you get married is another indicator of a "high quality marriage" as well.

However, don't take everything the study says as absolute: researchers only looked at a small sampling of couples: just 418 married pairs. Not to mention, researchers didn't take into account price of the wedding or parental financial contributions. If your parents are shelling out for your wedding rather than you having to dig into your savings to finance your big day, chances are you're going to be facing a much less significant financial burden after the big day is over (making you and your new spouse a lot happier.) Staying within your means should be a given when planning your wedding, but if you want to ensure happiness for years to come, maybe shelling out a little extra for a big wedded affair is the way to go.

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